Cuckold stories

Playing with Fire

by PacoSvengali

08/12/2016 14:24 in submissive-husband

I was a cuckold in the past and rehearsing my erotic anguish in the present was common. I was never cuckolded with my pleasure in mind, but in college I had a weakness for the wrong type of girl. My ability to fantasize the hard parts of my life was more like being trapped inside of an obsession. My

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A Classic Line

by adventurer

08/12/2016 05:59 in submissive-husband

Warning!!! The central male figure in this story gets cuckolded! Those of you, for whom this is a problem, should go on to something different. If you do decide to read on, please know that I have intended to portray him as an exceptionally strong character and anything but a wimp! However successfu

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The Gift

by Goose

08/11/2016 20:56 in submissive-husband

Mark & Gail have been married for eight years and they are thoroughly dedicated to each other. And Mark has a gift that he would like to present to his bride. Mark: "Honey, I love you very much and I want only what is best for you, both now and in the future. I never thought that I would be able to

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A Black Baby, Maybe?

by Ginger

08/11/2016 05:48 in submissive-husband

CHAPTER 1 I have read messages on the internet where white males want to get their wives to accept sex with black males. I never dreamed that my husband Gary would fit in this category. Here is my account of what my husband did to make me a cuckolding wife: Melvin, his boss, was a black male, and he

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A Cuckold's Diary Ch. 03

by Goose

08/09/2016 11:25 in submissive-husband

The Game "It's just a game," I thought to myself, as I watched my wife having sex with her lover. For our 16th anniversary, Sally gave me the present I have wanted for years: she said she would "look into the possibility" of going to bed with another man, while I watched. To make a long story short,

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Loving Wife Secret Adventure

by Goose

08/08/2016 20:59 in submissive-husband

It started off as a normal Saturday night. Sarah had gone out with her friends for dinner and drinks while I settled into a tall glass of bourbon and the late night TV. At around 10 o'clock, I received a text saying Sarah would be out for a while longer which was fine with me; she hadn't been out mu

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A Cuckold's Diary Ch. 10

by Gary

08/07/2016 14:27 in submissive-husband

Chapter 10: Thanking The Cuckold December 2006 INTRODUCTION, AND A FAVOR: My wife, Sally, sees herself as way too much of a Good Girl to get involved in online conversations, especially about sex. But everything I write about is something which she has done with another man. After she read this stor

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A Cuckold's Diary Ch. 02

by PacoSvengali

08/04/2016 17:48 in submissive-husband

My love, On Sunday night, the night before your most recent "date," you said, "I'm doing this for you." I know that is true, and I want you to know how much -- how very, very much -- I appreciate and love that. I do hope it wasn't terrible torture for you :-), but I still know it was for me. Thank y

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"Prim & Proper Goes Bad"

by Goose

08/01/2016 20:26 in submissive-husband

"Elegant, classy, prim and proper." Those were the words used most often to describe Nancy. Married fifteen years, Nancy and I had reached a little "staleness" in our marriage. The love was certainly there but the sexual excitement had waned. Recently though, at my initiation, the subject of sexual

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Fantasy Fulfilled?

by Ginger

08/01/2016 05:53 in submissive-husband

Another fact-based story. Some of the circumstances are different but the betrayal is maybe too real. In response to some folks whom don't believe it is possible to penetrate a woman's cervix: You don't know what you think you know. If you have never experienced the extreme pleasure of a 'deep fuck'

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