Cuckold stories

Playing with Fire Pt. 04

by Ginger

08/24/2016 03:22 in domination

****This is the 4th installment of how a want- to- be cuckold transformed the people around him to force him through every deviant thought he ever held. If you aren't into cuckold stories with bi tendencies, or control/blackmail fetishes that aren't being governed under the rule of the law...please

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Carnal Corps Ch. 02

by Gary

08/11/2016 06:44 in voyeur

There are some additional directions I can see taking this story, but at present I have nothing on paper. I am working on a teacher-student tale, among my favorite themes, and then I'm not sure. The tenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana has inspired an idea and in light of the strong r

sex therapist san francisco carnal corps

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